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SoundBytes writer Jon K. Carroll visited NAMM 2014. 

A Peek at the May Issue:


Abletonalies May. 2015

Whistle that Jazz and be original.
More… Alex Arsov

Music for Tablets

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your iPads.
More… Warren Burt

The Blue Orb Trilogy from CL-Projects

Be hypnotized by the seductive Blue Orb.
More… David Baer

Oldies: Rhino from BigTick

Big Tick’s Rhino is a (still) one hell of a powerful beast.
More… David Baer

Freebies of the Month – May. 2015

Four new pieces of gear that won’t lighten your wallet.
More… Tomislav Zlatic

Ginno’s Sound Investments.

Fifteen sound libraries for you consideration.
More… Ginno Legaspi


Sibelius Scoring for Rookies with Special Guest Wang Jie

An accomplished composer provides us with this valuable beginner’s guide to Sibelius-style self-publishing in classical music (or any genre that needs a score to be produced).

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine   (05-2015)

Review - SONAR Platinum by Cakewalk

SONAR Platinum is a DAW with powerful new features, instruments, and effects. A new pricing model is also introduced with this new version. Our reviewer takes a look to see how it all stacks up.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (05-2015)

Pro mastering for beginners, with IK Multimedia T-RackS

 Should you master at your home? Of course, if you learn how to mix, arrange, design and advertise your music, it is a time to master another skill: mastering with T-RacksS. by A. Arsov, May 2015When I heard th...

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (05-2015)

Review - Orchestral Tools Capsule 2.0 Update for Berlin Strings and Expansions A+B

Berlin Strings 2.0 is not the only choice you have for strings - it just happens to be one of the best ones money can buy.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (05-2015)

Interview with Sound Wizard Joseph Hollo

We invite you to meet one of the world’s most talented sound designers, Joseph Hollo, (and to learn what a very nice fellow he truly is) in this interview.

Read More by David Baer   (05-2015)

Era II Medieval Legends by

Is this a tool just for media producers or it could serve as an ultra up-to-date library for modern Chill - Trop House production? A gift from the past for all our future needs?

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (05-2015)

Review - Renaxxance by Indiginus

Renaxxance is a low-cost, easy-to-use nylon-string guitar (and more) library for Kontakt 4+ that is instant gratification in a box.

Read More by David Townsend   (05-2015)

Review - Lipp Piano from Strezov Sampling

Yes, here is yet another piano library. And yes, we can hear you yawning already. But hang on …

Read More by David Townsend   (05-2015)

Review - Strezov Sampling Thunder 1 thru 3 Bundle

Thunder from Strezov Sampling is a set of multi-sampled ensemble percussion libraries with enough unique characteristics to make them … well … unique. Find out more here.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (05-2015)

Vocaloid Megurine Luka V4X by Crypton through Best Service

 How real can fake be? Actually Vocaloids comes closer and closer. But the real point is that it is fun and easy to use. So, join the army of Vocaloid users and sing along with Megurine. by A. Arsov, May 2015We...

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (05-2015)

Klanghaus 2 by Best Service

  Klanghaus is back, now in version 2, it is even noisier, dirtier and more appealing. Let's discover how all those noises can be compiled in enjoyable A. Arsov, May 2015 A new upgraded version of Kla...

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (05-2015)

Review - Best Service Voyager Drums

Voager Drums is Best Service’s new horse in the acoustic drum samples race: a great drum instrument that sounds very good with intuitive controls that get you to your required drum mix fast.

Read More by Suleiman Ali   (05-2015)

Review - Sonic Charge Echobode: A Swedish-Army Knife for Interesting Audio Effects

Looking for a way to expand your sonic palette, at a very reasonable price, and have a lot of fun doing it? Then check out the offerings from Sonic Charge, and especially their latest offering, Echobode.

Read More by Warren Burt   (05-2015)

Review - ACE by u-he

ACE is a powerful, semi-modular synth plugin that's easy to learn, has many useful features, and is very flexible. We take it for a test ride in this review.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (05-2015)

Review – Two Mono-to-Stereo Converters

Imparting “stereo-ness” to a mono track can be done a variety of ways, some of which make subsequent playback in mono problematic. Here are two plug-ins that deliver stereo with none of the typical problems.

Read More by David Baer   (05-2015)

Review - Aspect by Loomer

Loomer's Aspect is a semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer plugin with a rich, warm sound, and a versatile patch section. Our reviewer takes a detailed look at this powerful VA contender.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (05-2015)

Review - Darklight IIx by UVI

The legendary sound of the Fairlight CMI is recaptured for the 21st century. Many of the trademark sounds of the 1980s are here. Check out the vintage powerhouse Darklight IIx here.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (05-2015)