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Home Studio Practitioner

Using microphone polar patterns to best advantage.
More… Luka Sraka

Music for Tablets – Xotopad 2

A Windows Touchscreen as a powerful MIDI controller.
More… Warren Burt

Union Chapel Organ by Spytfire

The magnificent organ of London’s Union Chapel.
More… David Baer

Sound Investments – Sept. 2016

Sixteen new libraries for your consideration.
More… Ginno Legaspi

Freebie Of The Month – TDR Nova Eq

Presenting the TDR Nova Parallel Dynamic EQ.
More… Luka Sraka

Essentials – three plugins from Hofa

Intelligent effects with a pristine sound.
More… Alex Arsov


Cinemania – Emotive Strings by Native Instruments

Emotive Strings from Native Instruments can save you enormous quantity of programming time while offering better end results. It is truly an orchestra on demand.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2016)

Review - Reverberate 2 from Liquidsonics

Reverberate 2 raises the bar on the realism that can be obtained from convolution reverb courtesy of some very innovative thinking by its developer.

Read More by David Baer (09-2016)

Review - Matrix-12 V by Arturia

The Matrix 12 was a mammoth synthesizer with powerful features, sporting many filter types and modulation possibilities. Arturia's latest software offering magnificently recreates it.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2016)

Review – Omnisphere 2.3 from Spectrasonics

We look at the latest release of Spectrasonics flagship virtual power synth, the elegant, potent and amazing Omnisphere 2.3.

Read More by Per Lichtman (09-2016)

Book Reviews - Pioneers of Electronic Music: Four New(ish) Books from University of Illinois Press

Any serious student of electronic music and instrumentation may want to know of a new series of books about composers and the history of electronic music.

Read More by Warren Burt (09-2016)

Review – Analog Studio Rack from Nomad Factory

We take a close look at Nomad Factory’s latest offering, a collection of seven processors that can be inserted as an integrated rack or individually, all delivering some tasteful vintage goodness.

Read More by David Baer (09-2016)

Review - Attack of the Slice Masters: Geist 2 and Drum Direktor

It’s 2016 and beat slicing and sequencing has two new heroes Loop Loft’s Drum Direktor and FXpansion’s Geist 2.

Read More by Suleiman Ali (09-2016)

Geist 2 by FXpansion

It is not a live drummer, but thankfully it offers absolutely everything else in the drumming world - a Swiss Army knife for all your loops, kits and hits. A drum come true.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2016)

Review - Emulation II by UVI

UVI's Emulation II takes you back to the early 1980s with many of the signature sounds from that colorful time period. Revisit the past with us in this review.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2016)

Breverb by Overloud

Convolution reverb with its own character that offers more than 270 useful presets and sounds natural with a nice sounding tail. What else do you need?

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2016)

Review – Crafter’s Pack from Blue Cat Audio – Part 2

Blue Cat’s Plug’n’Script can jump start your capabilities to write plug-in software without first undertaking an intensive apprenticeship in plug-in development. Let the fun begin!

Read More by David Baer (09-2016)

Book Review: The Complete Singer Songwriter, by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

A book written for modern-times troubadours - but every producer who also wants to be an author can learn a great number of things from this book.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2016)

Review - UltraReverb by Eventide

UltraReverb gives you equalization, compression, delay, a lo-fi effect, and at the heart of it all, a high quality reverb. We check it out in this review.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2016)

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