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HSP – Tips and Tricks Potpourri

A grab bag of great tips for keeping your work flowing.
More…                                 Luka Sraka

MFT – UVI Piano and Beathawk

UVI makes a notable debut on the tablet music scene.
More…                                 Warren Burt

POK – Indiginus Blue Street Brass

Blue Street Brass will make you anything but blue.
More…                                David Townsend

Ginno Sound Inv. Sept. 2017

Ginno is back with more sound ideas..
More…                                Ginno Legaspi

Freebie Of The Month – Sept. 2017

Free Syntronik from IKM – no cost but great value!.
More…                                David Baer

Essentials – Virtual Tube Coll. by S.D.

What does “Analog” really mean?
More…                                Alex Arsov


Review - soothe from oeksound

If you don’t hear it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. That goes both for not-so-obvious resonances in your audio material and instances of soothe on your tracks.

Read More by Aljosa Feldin (09-2017)

Review – Syntronik from IK Multimedia

Syntronik from IK Multimedia is a monster of synthesizer sound creation – a monster in a very good way, that is, with its rich, analog character and multitude of presets.

Read More by David Baer (09-2017)

Review - Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro

If Jimi Hendrix were still alive, there’d be no doubt which virtual guitar studio would fit him perfectly: Guitar Rig 5 Pro – great rock sounds, out of this world effects.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2017)

Review - PolyM by XILS-lab

XILS-lab brings back a legend from the early days of synthesis - an expensive, hard-to-maintain synth from Moog is resurrected in software.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2017)

Review - Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection 2.0

VCC 2.0 makes it quick and easy to modify and unify the sound of a track or album with emulations of API, SSL, Neve and Trident consoles.

Read More by Per Lichtman (09-2017)

MeldaProduction Redefines Multiband

MeldaProduction seems to be ceaselessly pushing back boundaries in computer audio manipulation – here’s yet another frontier being opened up.

Read More by David Baer (09-2017)

Oldies but Goodies - FM8 by Native Instruments

Does Native Instruments' powerful FM8 stand the test of time?  We take a look at a classic emulation of a very popular synthesizer from the early 1980s.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2017)

Cineamania - The Orchestra by Bestservice

An orchestra library that’s light on RAM but not on sound quality, offering looped orchestral phrases at the same time – a great sketching tool (and more) that is easy to use.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2017)

Review – UVX80 from UVI

It's yet another classic synth recreation.  Hmmm, it must be that UVI is at it again.  This time it's a rare Japanese 8-voice analog instrument.

Read More by David Baer (09-2017)

Review - Spire by Reveal Sound

Reveal Sound's Spire is a powerful synth plugin, one that is especially well-known among the EDM crowd, and one that easily stands up to the competition.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2017)

Review - SONAR Platinum in 2017

Cakewalk has been very busy over the past couple of years. We've checked in to see what's been happening with their flagship DAW, SONAR Platinum. 

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2017)

Review – UltraTap Delay from Eventide

UltraTap is a delay … yes, yet another delay plug-in … but it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve got another delay even remotely like it.  Curious enough now to learn a bit more?

Read More by David Baer (09-2017)

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