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HSP – Metering 101

Hit “play” and the meter is running.
More… Luka Sraka

Music for Tablets – Mitosynth

A synth tweaker’s modulation heaven.
More… Warren Burt

Slate Digital – Virtual Tape Machine

Slate VTM for track or mix.
More… Per Lichtman

Ginno Sound Inv. July 2017

Ginno is back with still more sounds..
More… Ginno Legaspi

Freebie Of The Month – July. 2017

This month’s freebie – it’s a winner.
More… Luka Sraka

Cinemania – Thrill by Native Instruments

In Kontakt, no one can hear you scream.
More… Alex Arsov


Review - Strezov Sampling Rhodope 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir

The newest entry in Strezov Sampling’s Next Generation Choir series features the exotic sound of twenty women’s voices performing lower-range Bulgarian singing.

Read More by Per Lichtman (07-2017)

Oceania Choir by Performance Samples

Oceania Choir is a very easy-to-use choir library. All you need to do is to load it into Kontakt and play. The rest is done by developer.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (07-2017)

Review – Seventh Heaven from Liquidsonics

Seventh Heaven is the latest state-of-the-art convolution reverb offering from Liquidsonics … and it’s quite possible it will put you right where the name suggests.

Read More by David Baer (07-2017)

Review - Digital Synsations Vol. 2 by UVI

In this review we take a look at three hardware synths that UVI has brought into the modern world. Check out what these new instruments offer.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (07-2017)

Review - Strezov Sampling Freyja, Wotan and Árva

Strezov Sampling’s newest choral bundle emphasizes a natural sound, musical performance and a short learning curve. Are these the voices you’re looking for?

Read More by Per Lichtman (07-2017)

Review – Sampled Ethnic Instruments (and More) from Impact Soundworks

Beautifully sampled and crafted non-Western instrument sample sets, and a couple of purely creative sample sets as well.

Read More by Warren Burt (07-2017)

Review – Objeq Delay from Applied Acoustic Systems

Objec Delay is a plug-in like no other from the folks who know a few things about complex mathematical modelling to produce audio; it is so not just another delay.

Read More by David Baer (07-2017)

Review – Beatbox Anthology 2 from UVI and Rhythmology from Sample Logic

Boisterous beats and rabid rhythms: two new beat instruments show their respective sampling engines to great effect.

Read More by Suleiman Ali (07-2017)

Ancient ERA – Persia by Best Service

Ediardo Tarilonte strikes again. ERA Persia offers a wealth of sounds from the ancient past, not to mention soundscapes that are simply out of this universe.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (07-2017)

Review - Arpology by Sample Logic

Sample Logic combines a step animator/sequencer, great samples, and many powerful effects, resulting in a winning combination.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (07-2017)

Review - BT Phobos from Spitfire Audio

Adding drama to a media score just got more interesting with another cinematic (but not just cinematic) library from Spitfire Audio.

Read More by David Keenum (07-2017)

Review – MTurboReverb from MeldaProduction

MeldaProduction has never shied away from innovation, and their latest effect, an algorithmic reverb, exhibits ground-breaking ingenuity throughout.

Read More by David Baer (07-2017)

Review - Curve 2.5 by Cableguys

New features that provide an edge in sound design throw the competition a "curve" ball.  With its easy to use waveform design, Curve 2 is powerful and intuitive.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (07-2017)

Review - Spitfire Chamber Strings Review

Chamber Strings might have the most extensive articulation set of any chamber string library. See what happens when small ensembles meet a large hall.

Read More by Per Lichtman (07-2017)

Review - Crusher X 6 from accSone

One of the oldest and most sophisticated granulators, and an old friend, gets a makeover, which increases its capabilities enormously.

Read More by Warren Burt (07-2017)

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