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Welcome to SoundBytes Magazine, a free online magazine devoted to the subject of computer sound and music production.


If you share these interests, you’ve come to the right place for gear reviews, developer interviews, tips and techniques and other music related articles. But first and foremost, SoundBytes is about “gear” in the form of music and audio processing software. .


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SoundBytes writer Jon K. Carroll visited NAMM 2014. 

A Peek at the November Issue:



Review – CS-M 1.5 by UVI

A vintage Japanese power synth gets the UVI treatment..
More… Rob Mitchell

Music for Tablets – Nov.

Ladies & Gentlemen,enjoy the tablet.
More… Warren Burt

Hypernova from CL-Projects

CL-Projects delivers another winner with Hypernova.
More… David Baer

Sound Investments – Nov.

More sound libraries for a diversity of needs.
More… Ginno Legaspi

Freebie of the month – Nov.

Good software gear at the best possible price.
More… Tomislav Zlatic

Essentials – Mayhem Of Loops.

Loops – Just set them and sound like a pro!
More… Alex Arsov


YouRock MIDI Guitar YRG-1000 Gen 2 by Inspired Instruments

A dream come true - a MIDI controller in a guitar body, with strings and frets and without latency. A true life saver at a great price for all guitarists that need MIDI.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (11-2015)

An Interview with Vojtech Meluzin of MeldaProduction

Vojtech Meluzin is the prolific software wizard who founded MeldaProduction and is its driving force. We find out more about him and his company and in this in-depth interview.

Read More by David Baer   (11-2015)

Amplitube 4 by IK Multimedia

Guitar amp simulator software that offers a highly versatile collection of guitar sounds provides plenty much new in the latest version: cabinets, amps and even acoustic guitar simulator.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (11-2015)

Review – MXXX from MeldaProduction, Part 2

One FX to rule them all and in the mix to bind them? Not a bad description for something the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Melda has set the bar very high with its new mega-effect.

Read More by David Baer   (11-2015)

Review - Organum Venezia from Best Service

The organ is often called the King of Instruments. In this review we look at a virtual organ expertly sampled from an Italian instrument that offers you a cathedral experience in your studio at a modest price.

Read More by David Baer   (11-2015)

Review - Samplitude Pro X2

Samplitude Pro X2 is a powerful DAW, with lots of horsepower under the hood and great plugins to match. We check out many of its features in this review.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (11-2015)

Hayward Tuning Vine – a Means of Exploring Just Intonation on Mac and PC

If you’re interesting in exploring the intricacies of Just Intonation, the Hayward Tuning Vine is highly recommended by our reviewer.

Read More by Warren Burt   (11-2015)

Review - Sunrizer by BeepStreet

There's a new kid on the block with a low CPU usage, lots of filter types, and a familiar supersaw sound. We put this one to the test to see if it has what it takes.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (11-2015)

Review – Valhalla Plate from ValhallaDSP

Think you have all the reverbs you need? Well, we have some bad news for you because evidently you haven’t yet encountered Valhalla Plate, the just released creation from ValhallaDSP.

Read More by David Baer   (11-2015)

Review - Model 80 Electric Grand from Chocolate Audio

Not quite a grand piano, not quite an electric piano, this classic 70's staple is a curious hybrid of the two. Want a piano that cuts through the densest rock mix like a chisel? Here ya go.

Read More by David Townsend   (11-2015)

Review - Distort 2 from Strezov Sampling

Need some distorted rhythm guitar beds for your epic trailers, and need ‘em fast? Distort 2 is an electric guitar sample library for full Kontakt 5 from Strezov Sampling, for quick ‘n dirty distorted rhythm guitars.

Read More by David Townsend   (11-2015)