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Soundbytes writer Jon K. Carroll visited NAMM 2014. 

A Peek at the September Issue:


Abletonalies Sept. 2014

A new set of additional tolls that can improve your Live experience
More… Alex Arsov

Review – Stradipad Platinum Collection

It might be just what you need for some unique string sounds..
More… Per Lichtman

Review – Epica by xfonic limited

Epica, a stunning collection of deep, rich synth sounds for Kontakt..
More… David Baer

Review – Purity by Luxonix.

Need a highly capable workhorse synth with a bargain price?
More… Rob Mitchell

Freebies of the Month – Sept. 2014

How to record and mix your band with even more freeware tools.
More… Tomislav Zlatic

Ginno’s Sept, Sound Investments.

Mr. Ginno strikes again, this time even behind the iron curtain.
More… Ginno Legaspi

Sample Library Technology for Rookies with Special Guest Tracy Collins from Indiginus

Good sample libraries make realistic playback look easy, but there's a whole lot of sophisticated planning and technique under the hood that makes it all possible. Learn about it in this revealing close-up look.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine   (09-2014)

Review - Launchpad Mini by Novation

In this review, we look at Launchpad Mini, a smaller and much less expensive, but exceedingly capable, version of Launchpad S.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (09-2014)

Spectral Dynamics - Dynamic Equalization, Part Three

In part Three of a three-part series on dynamic equalization we delve deeply into “spectral dynamics processing” with Meldaproduction’s unique and versatile MSpectralDynamics plugin.

Read More by David Townsend   (09-2014)

Review - Arturia Spark 2 and SparkLE Controller

Spark is a groovebox-like pattern-based sequencer. Add the SparkLE controller and you’ve got a groovy thing going.

Read More by Jon K. Carroll   (09-2014)

Review - 8Dio Adagio Strings Bundle  

We look at the 8Dio Adagio String Bundle, a huge string library offering much warmth and nuance, in this review.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (09-2014)

Review - Shreddage 2X by Impact Soundworks

Impact Soundworks claims Shreddage 2X is the "Absolute Electric Guitar". Those words are a lot to live up to, and our reviewer thinks they might have actually delivered on that claim.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (09-2014)

Review - Cinematic Strings 2.1

If you like strings that are big and round, recorded in-place in a concert hall and prefer working quickly to a wide range of articulations, then this might be the string library for you.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (09-2014)

Mystica by Eduardo Tarilonte through

Mystica is a sample library that incorporates a beautifully sounding women’s choir into a user-friendly programmed library – our reviewer may be in love.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (09-2014)

Tutorial – Calibrating Your Subtractive Synth

If you have a synth that just has knob markers for filter cutoff, etc. and you’d like to know what those values correspond to, here’s how to discover what’s going on under the hood.

Read More by David Baer   (09-2014)

Review - Prague Solo Strings

We look at Prague Solo Strings, is a budget library of warm sounding instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass).

Read More by Per Lichtman   (09-2014)

Review - Tone 2 Electra 2 from

Electra 2 from Tone 2, a very powerful workhorse synth, with a distinctive sound and a great palette of well-designed presets, is reviewed here.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (09-2014)

Review - VSL Solo Strings I Full

We look at the VSL library featuring solo violin, viola, cello and double bass instruments, a library that many think defines the standard against which all others must be judged.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (09-2014)

Review - Embertone Blakus Cello and Friedlander Violin 1.5

Embertone continues it's exploration of the realm of solo string instruments with a new cello library and an upgraded violin library. We look at both in this review.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (09-2014)

Review – SampleTank 3 from IK Multimedia

The much-delayed SampleTank 3 has finally arrived. Was it worth the wait? We take a close look at the instrument in this review.

Read More by David Baer   (09-2014)

Review - Z3TA+ 2.1 by Cakewalk

Cakewalk’s Z3TA+ is a classic softsynth that’s been kept up to date with much enhanced version 2. We look at Z3TA+ 2 in this review.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (09-2014)

Review - Synth Modular by KarmaFX

Synth Modular is a modular synth, exactly as its name suggests. Our reviewer finds much to like about this versatile and highly flexible instrument.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (09-2014)

Interview – Sound Designer Extraordinaire, Nori Ubukata

SoundBytes talks to Nori Ubukata, the prolific sound designer who has been bringing us the Historic Synth Giants series for SynthMaster and much more.

Read More by David Baer   (09-2014)