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SoundBytes writer Jon K. Carroll visited NAMM 2014. 

A Peek at the March Issue:


Abletonalies March. 2015

Welcome to the tropical summer.
More… Alex Arsov

Review – The Loom by Air M. T.

AIR’s additive synth will make for easy arithmetic.
More… David Baer

Three Pink Noise Studio Libraries

Analog synth libraries from PinkNoise serve up delights.
More… David Baer

Oldies: Audjoo’s Helix

Audjoo’s Helix still has it – find out why.
More… Rob Mitchell

Freebies of the Month

Three synths and a percussion package – all for free!
More… Tomislav Zlatic

Ginno’s Sound Investments.

Eleven sound libraries for your consideration
More… Ginno Legaspi

Review - Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion

Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion is a library designed as a one-stop-shop for orchestral percussion. It works very well for the purpose, but several things about it may prove useful to composers that already own another library.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (03-2015)

Review - Perc+ and XP1

Perc+ is a percussion library specializing in cymbals, metal, unusual sounds and some world percussion instruments – oh, and by the way … it’s also a noble undertaking for a worthy cause.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (03-2015)

Review – u-he’s Diva

Diva is u-he’s magnificent homage to the world of analog synthesizer gear. It begs us to ask the question “who needs hardware?”. Find out why in this close-up look.

Read More by Per Lichtman   (03-2015)

Band in a Box 2015 by PG Music

  Band In a Box grew up and became very mature software, offering a whole new world of possibilities - and we all just missed the progress, thinking that it is still the old toy that we used to know. by A. Arsov,  ...

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (03-2015)

Review - Izotope’s BreakTweaker

Breaktweaker is a different kind of instrument, one that will surely become a favorite amongst electronic/dance musicians. It’s a worthy companion to Izotope’s Stutter Edit, and yet it’s a completely different beast.

Read More by Suleiman Ali   (03-2015)

Review - Studio Box Mark III by

  What can we do with a bunch of Foley effects? Actually, plenty of things. When inspiration doesn't strike, just use our recipe that can spice many a desolate musical moment. by A. Arsov, March. 2015   Why? ...

Read More by Aleksander Arsov   (03-2015)

Interview with Andrew Souter of 2CAudio

SoundBytes interviews Andrew Souter of 2CAudio which developed the algorithmic reverb products Aether, Breeze, and B2, and most recently has introduced the highly innovative synthesis software Kaleidoscope.

Read More by Warren Burt   (03-2015)

Kaleidoscope from 2CAudio – Graphic Synthesis (and More) Taken to the Next Level

Kaleidoscope is a new approach to the use of graphics to control sound. Very powerful, and flexible, it uses a new paradigm – physically modeled resonators controlled by graphics to produce and modify sound. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Read More by Warren Burt   (03-2015)

Review – MMultiAnalyzer from MeldaProduction

MeldaProduction’s MMultiAnalyzer is an easy-to-use and handy tool for … surprise … analyzing multiple tracks in a variety of ways. We take a quick look at what it can do in this review.

Read More by David Baer   (03-2015)

Review - Xpand!2 by AIR Music Technology

SoundBytes continues its coverage of AIR virtual instruments with a look at Xpand!2, a four-part multitimbral workstation with a straightforward user interface that gets you up and running in no time.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (03-2015)

Review - CrX4 by LinPlug

We look at LinPlug’s CrX4 is a powerful synthesizer/sample-player, which is a major redesign of LinPlug’s previous product called CronoX3, that has many ways to manipulate your sounds.

Read More by Rob Mitchell   (03-2015)

The Pultec Mystique

Pultec EQs are highly-prized (read “expensive”) pieces of gear. Software emulations are well- regarded as well. What’s their secret to their allure? Let’s find out.

Read More by David Baer   (03-2015)