Abletonalies – May 2015

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Time to make some additional noise: to learn how to whistle, to learn how to be original and creative with Hestibe, and finally to learn how jazz could uplift an EDM song to new level.


by A. Arsov, May 2015

Not so many things this time, but enough to get us on our feet and dancing this summer. I’ll be concentrating more on slightly different content than we are used to here, as over the last month we’ve already dealt with enough EDM production tools. So this time we will focus on tools to help us build a solid ground for our floating tunes.


Ueberschall – Flugelhorn

First I would like to introduce you to a pretty unusual loop library from Ueberschall called Flugelhorn, which you can buy through Best Service. It brings a rather different collection of sounds than we are used to hearing in EDM, House or electro genres. We are all searching for those memorable, eternal brass lines, collecting various loop packs containing short phrases recorded with saxophone or other brass instruments, constantly forgetting that we need more material to fill the gaps of a four minute long tune.

Flugelhorn is a very jazzy collection with over 900 tempo-synced phrases (which play inside Elastic player) that add a touch of unpredictable, mellow jazz feeling to the main line. People always claim that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and trust me, it’s the same with a song. A good hook lasts ten to fifteen seconds, so maybe Flugelhorn could help you make those remaining three minutes and forty-five seconds more interesting. A neat solution to your problems that will cost you exactly $47.02 USD.


Aphelion SFX Library by Particular Sound

At first I thought that I didn’t need a SFX library, but when I took a closer look, this library turns out to be pure gold for EDM. For $59 USD you get over 1 GB of risers and falls along with various hits, subs and whooshes – and for a good measure even some rhythmical loops. All sounds are well designed and perfectly processed with effects. The content is very versatile, not just between the different directories, but also inside the each group, and the whole collection seems to have a ton of character and charm. I’ve heard plenty of similar libraries but this one sounds far more explosive, bringing a cinematic blockbuster mojo to your EDM productions. Hard to describe with words, so I recommend you to click the link and listen to the demo clips at the bottom of the main page.
You will thank me later (to quote Mr. Monk).


Histibe – Deep Tech Drum Lab and Electronic Ukraine

I like these two libraries as they deliver a good quantity of very edgy and fairly unique sounds. It’s always nice to start your song with good, unique sounding, original material and Histibe definitely has a sound that can stand out. EDM is all about the beats, and these two libraries offer exactly that – killer beats for building rock solid backings for your melodies and synths.

Deep Tech Drum Lab costs €26.96 EUR and Electronic Ukraine €30 EUR.

To get a taste of the unique Hastibe sound feel free to download the free loops at:


Vienna Whistler by Vienna Symphonic Library

Vienna Symphonic Library is a well-known company that make world famous symphonic sample libraries. However, Vienna Whistler was something of a happy accident. During the horn recording sessions they discovered that one of the instrumentalists, Marcus Schmidinger, was a great whistler, and the rest is history. I bet you’re wondering what this has in common with EDM. Actually, a lot. A whistling line in a song can be very appealing and makes the song more memorable, especially if you don’t have a ton of vocal material to work with. Here is my latest Trop House song, including some of the whistling recorded for Vienna Whistler.

Arsov – You Touched Me (with Vienna Whistler).

So now it’s your turn – make your melody and whistle it until the summer comes. With Vienna Whistler you could bring this happiness to your song for €55 EUR (plus €24 EUR for the USB e-licencer if you don’t already have one; it’s the same one that comes with Cubase or ReFX Nexus).


A free Ableton pack from Little People

A nice sounding pack for Electro genres containing a lovely collection of mellow instruments and loops. If Histibe is on one side of the spectrum then Little People are on other. Also, like Histibe, the samples are original and recognizable, the only difference being the vibe and sound spectrum in general. The sounds from Little People bear a kind of intimacy that only really good electro bands can offer. So feel free to share that feeling by using their free Ableton pack.



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