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If you are a TV, video, game or stock library composer, you will find more than enough reason to start dreaming about AEON Complete if you want to stay up to date with current soundtrack trends.


by A. Arsov, Sept. 2013

First Impressions

AEON Complete simply sounds dangerous. It comes stocked with all up-to-date sounds that you might hear in many current blockbusters, or at least crime, mystery and action ones. It cuts like a knife. It is punchy and somehow distorting and shaggy and, thanks to the additional controllers, it is also quite versatile. If you are a TV, video, game or stock library composer, you will find more than enough reason to start dreaming about AEON Complete if you want to stay up to date with current soundtrack trends.


The whole library is more on the bright, cutting side sound-wise – there are not many romantic sounds about sunrise and eternal love. They will chase you, they will kill you, there will be blood and plenty of action and intense, unpleasant moments, but at least everything will be properly layered with great background music. It is mainly intended for media soundtracks, but it could be easily abused for everyday production.


The whole library is divided into two main parts: AEON Melodic and AEON Rhythmic. The first, melodic one contains a solid number of various processed instruments and hits. Most of the sounds go nicely together so there would be no problem in making an entire soundtrack just from those instruments. There are some processed traditional instruments as well as distorted ones and other effect-laden, spiced synth sounds. And yes, there are epic hits that can pull your trousers off. Over the Hybrid, Organic and Synth sections till the arpeggiated sections for Organic and Synth sounds. All in all, there are 315 good, round-sounding “drilled in your brain” aggressive sounds. Not that this could be your one-and-only sample library, but it most definitively will bring a fresh element of chaos to your music.

The other part is AEON Rhythmic, where we can find 315 synced loops – definitively not those sorts of loops that you can use for making a groove for a pop song. But if you want to scare your family members to death, then this is the right collection for you. All loops have some tension in them and are mainly intended for those gripping, suspenseful moments like being eaten on a hostile planet. Nevertheless all loops and instruments are top-notch, clear and especially strong in the mid to high range. They won’t go unnoticed if used in such a production.

The Shape

All those sounds, presets and loops are just the starting point. AEON Collection has one of the better set of controllers that I have ever seen in a sound library. The graphical interface of this library really shines in its own unique way. We have many different windows stocked with controllers, and whatever you touch here can drastically change the sound. I usually don’t tweak many things on sample libraries, but here just with a touch or two you can change much of the character in the sound. You have arrived in a “no limit land” where you can get a whole array of new instruments from the main one. Basically the whole window is a bit like a web page, where we have a main window and menus on the top to reach the other windows with further controllers. Very impressive for a Kontakt player library.

By default, the main window is the one where we can find three various groups of controllers, a master effects section where we can turn off or on one of the four effects. With one knob for tweaking one parameter, you can easily get impression that this is not a big deal, but this one-and-only knob can change the character dramatically. The next group is comprised of three main sections called Twist, Mix and Punish. Twist and Punish are blessed with one big button and, trust me, “nomen est omen”, those twists and punishments are really enjoyable things throughout the whole library. The middle Mix section offers a few essential controllers for changing the character, mixing the various parts of the sound spectrum. At the bottom there is an arp window for switching on the arpeggiator, with additional preferences button which open the whole new window where all dirty arpeggiator details could be further fine tuned and tweaked. This is a small arp heaven where you can change any step of the pattern dragging sliders up or down for velocity, length or pitch. If you are not in the mood for such task, there are a nice number of pre-programmed patterns available.

The next web submenu (as we called it earlier) is the FX section. I could write about those controllers forever, but I’ll make a long story short: there are five effects, each with off, on, two main knobs and an advanced window for each effect. In the advanced area we can freely draw the steps in a pattern window for each of the two main parameters. If that is not enough, we can find a few additional controllers there for changing attack, decay, sequence rate, selecting between a few pattern modes, range, smoothness, etc. This may sound complicated but it is not. It is a matter of seconds to change the sound of the instrument in a desired way. Most of the instruments have a long decay and evolve during time, so all those parameters bring a different character or at least change the flow amplitude of the evolving circle.

The last one is the EQ/Filter section. I’m a bit tired of describing the endlessness of this tweaking heaven. So let’s just say that for each of the three main channels along with a common master window: tweak till you drop.

Sweet Thoughts

All in all, everything that you can hear in an action or crime-oriented movie blockbusters could be recreated with this library (except the orchestral parts). I have to admit that I’m very impressed with much of this library. It sounds like pure danger on steroids. It is totally on target, and it is versatile enough that you could abuse the rules and use it in almost any genre. The quality of implemented material is very high. You don’t need the full version of Kontakt to drive endless numbers of wisely-chosen additional controllers that can change character of the sound with single move. Well-programmed and well-recorded, this is not an overpriced library from a well-known library company. What do you expect in life – someone to compose something for you? Come on, spit on your hand and make something dangerous, something unique. AEON Collection could help you to achieve that. It is aggressive, hitting like a brick and biting like a mad dog. After all, we are SoundBytes. So this library is somehow connected with us. … from the bites to the last bytes.

Price: 399 USD or 359 Euro along with 14 giga on your hard drive.

More info – AEON Complete


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