Boutique Kontakt Corner – Small But Great Kontakt Libraries That We’ve Never Heard Of

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There is an endless quantity of small Kontakt libraries around us that we’ve never heard about. We decided to make a detailed search in that area bringing some interesting finds to your attention.

by A. Arsov, May 2016


Every day we get a load of new software – libraries, instruments and effects – and most of the time we concentrate on software from well-known developers. This is because we receive so much we simply can’t check every instrument or effect that we hear about.

I’m a library addict, but as I don’t have the full version of Kontakt I almost never take time to check libraries that work only with the full version. On the opposite side there are a lot of small developers that themselves can’t afford to obtain a Kontakt player license (it is not free for developers), being forced to sell their products only for the full version of Kontakt.

It is a pity, as some of them have really good small scale products that they are selling at a bargain. If you only have Kontakt player, you can use these product for 15 minutes and after that you need to restart Kontakt to get those minutes again. Some of them are worthy of that effort.

We will try to present some cool, smaller libraries that deserve to be presented, no matter if those are small products from totally unknown developers or even from the well-known ones that make small libraries with great passion and love, knowing that these would be too peculiar to merit obtaining Kontakt player license for.

So let’s start with some libraries that I presume you’ve never heard of, but should know something about.



Alessandro from Sampletraxx always surprises with every new library that he puts on market. They are all top quality sounding, always bringing a fresh and unusual arsenal of sounds. You will not find any standard playable instruments in his masterpieces. Drones, textures, hits, effects and atmospheres are his best friends. There is also one library with trashy distorted loops, far from the ordinary loop trumpery. Actually all his libraries are like nice little postcards from hell. Distortion, suffer and madness recorded with plenty of details and with great definition and clarity.

As we all know, drones, textures and atmospheres sound good but in most cases we aren’t sure if we can find a place for them. But those from Alesandro sound quite unique and different, so at least you should take a moment to listen to some demo clips from Sampletraxx.

Stigma  and The Voices of the Ages  are vocal libraries, actually libraries with all sorts of hovering female voice textures, drones and atmospheres. Both libraries share the same price, €32 EUR.

Doom, €30 EUR, and Smack, €19 EUR, are libraries that bring a great number of explosive, nasty cinematic hits, impacts and all sorts of other hard percussive elements.

My favorite is Electronic Drain, a collection of all sorts of electricity, sparks and electro field sounds. You get 300 electro sounds for €26 EUR.

There are a few more libraries, like Electro Kontrol Voltage, buffed with experimental loops, and Bleed, with all sort of whooshes and risers and impacts and similar artillery, not to mention Raptus with a bunch of cinematic effects. If anything, Sampletraxx knows how to be different.

Rossignol Studio

Frederic from France has made a few great, small libraries. He sampled some unusual instruments that are quite rare and mostly you won’t find them so easily in other sample libraries. They are all quite simple, but still good sounding, but most of all, they are ideal for lead lines offering unusual live instruments instead of virtual analog sounds, adding a touch of originality.

The first one is Versophone, made from a glass sounds – and yes, it sounds like glass. All bells simply sound like bells, while this one sounds like glass. You will know what I’m talking about when you hear the demo clip.

The next one is Orgambou, a barrel organ that sounds like some mad pipe organ, while there is Barbariz 2, also a barrel organ and sounds like some old medieval instrument,

Another odd one is Bouche à Beat, a small library containing mouth sounds, ideal for making some weird beats.

All libraries cost €15 EUR, except Bouche à Beat which costs only €5 EUR.

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