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A wild number of exotic, constantly evolving soundscapes mixed with rain forest sounds of nature – this is the magic that can be found up in this library.

by A. Arsov, May 2013

What does “specialized” mean?

To make a long story short: In my youth I used to hang out with some very interesting fellows. It was a small town, and ordinary people were boring, so I decided to choose my friends according to their interesting nature. I was not the same as they were, but it was interesting to know them and to hang with them. So one night my friend and I went to his home to find another bottle of wine … and in front of his door, he figured out that he can’t find his door-key. Eh, those drunk youngsters! But after few seconds of panic, he said: “No problemo!” He took some funny needles, and half a minute later, we were in his house. As you can see – he used to be “specialized.”


Who is specialized?

Eduardo Tarilonte is also “specialized,” thank goodness, not on the same way as my late friend, but Eduardo makes sound libraries which cover only one specialized sector of sound space. He makes top-notch libraries covering some sort of an ambient range, offering a wide array of real instruments, along with a bit less real ones required for hammering out some sorts of music. Of course it is up to you to abuse this in all other genres, but if you need a good, killer wind instrument, especially some exotic one, or even if you need a harp, or even a music box sound, or some tribal drum, then look no further. Eduardo is like some medieval hammersmith. So if it happened that Giacomo slept with your wife – no problemo: Visit Eduardo, and he will coin you a sound to nail that naughty Casanova. A more authentic sound comes only from the real instrument (except if you are a wind instruments virtuoso) .



I was surprised with the usability and versatility of this package. To be honest, I have never been attached too much to this sort of music – relaxation, meditation and such. Glancing through Playboy was the peak of my meditation experience, and therefore I thought that this library will be just another sound library in my sound arsenal waiting for a better time. But after few minutes with the first version of Forest Kingdom, I discovered “Ethereal Female Solo Voice,” a patch with a very realistic soprano opera voice, with enough articulations available through the key-switching system in the lower octave of the keyboard, that it became my main tool whenever I needed to add some realistic soprano voice. Forest Kingdom II is supposed to be a sort of “Amazon rain forest,” but somehow Tarilonte couldn’t help himself being naughty, adding few very useful not-so-forest sounds like a music box, a harp and the aforementioned soprano voice. OK, it could happen that you can find those instruments in a crashed plane in the middle of the rainforest, but otherwise those things don’t grow up on trees just like that.


The things that grow up on trees

A wild number of exotic, constantly evolving soundscapes mixed with rainforest sounds of nature — yes, those are the things that definitely grow up in this library. These are very specialized things that you can’t find in any other library. They are dark, sinister, mysterious and very, very versatile, but still very different from any other textures, pads or soundscapes that you’ve heard till now, a wet dream for any soundtrack producer — but this is only the beginning. The main news in the second creation of this library are some additional wind instruments. All in all, now we have an unbeatable collection of exotic wind instruments. Using key-switches, nobody will never know that you are using samples instead of a real player. All the required articulations and variations are there, with all those small details and the big sound that makes this wind collection so authentic and unique. Wind instruments used to be good, even in the old sampling days, but this collection opened a whole new level of authenticity. Now you can grab one of those real instruments, but just to make the picture for the cover of your relaxation CD, while all the music could be made in the digital domain. Trust me, nobody will ever noticed the difference.

The next great addition is a really huge collection of not-so-standard set of percussion instruments: All those dangerous tribal sounds from the movies “when they are coming to get you.” From the big ones to the small ones, they are ranged over the keyboards, along with some extra green-colored keys where you can find MIDI parts that play rhythmic parts out of these sounds: Simple, useful, and really effective. Tarilonte doesn’t care much about the origin; as long as it sounds good and as long it is really useful and exotic, he incorporated it into Forest Kingdom II. Obviously there are plenty of crashed planes in rainforests, planes containing Bulgarian and Xiao Flutes, didgeridoos and other wind instruments from all around the globe. The same happened with percussion. It works for me; definitely it is not an obstacle, it is a true benefit to have this additional “out of the crashed airplane” instruments.

The library also offers a nice number of additional sounds for spicing the arrangement: Various swishes, recorded with wind instruments; additional shamanic sort of voices; birds and other exotic rain forest kind cinematic sort of sounds. Some of the instruments are also combined in performance grooves ranked by tempo. All those performances can be loaded also as Engine projects, offering us MIDI files used in this performance groove combination, along with the separate instruments used in this particular combination. I was very impressed with those grooves, tribal complex drum patterns combined from several percussion instruments, with additional rhythmical wind phrases make a very suggestive and mystical musical backgrounds that you can modify or combine to suit your needs.


Kingdom against Kingdom

Forest Kingdom II brings enough new toys to make it worthwhile to spit out another 100 euros (including VAT) to upgrade those from previous version. If you still don’t own Forest Kingdom, and if you are into this sort of music, then this package is definitely something that will put your music on another level. Personally, I’m not much of a relaxed dude, but still I found enough joyful instruments here to make me happy for another decade. Tarilonte is maybe really a specialized sound developer mastering sound design in his forest niche, but the quality of the results is so outstanding that it is a real sin not to have this one in your collection.

This is a unique collection of exotic percussion and wind instruments with additional very impressive dark soundscapes, along with some rare useful effects and voices. It is the first and last help box that you will ever need for your ambient pieces.

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8 GB on your disk and €250 less in your pocket (full version, including VAT). Is it worthy? Yes, it is worthy.


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