Freebie of the Month – PTEq-X by Ignite Amps

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Every once in a while, a new piece of freeware appears on the audio software market and leaves us all in awe – this is one of those times.


By Tomislav Zlatic, March 2016


Every once in a while, a new piece of freeware appears on the audio software market and leaves us all in awe. Whether it’s a great sounding virtual synthesizer or a well programmed audio effect, it’s always fantastic to add a high quality software tool to your virtual gear arsenal for free. And it’s exactly these types of freebies that we’ll be focusing on in our new Freebie of the Month series. One amazing freebie per issue, no more, no less!

Our first Freebie of the Month pick is the PTEq-X virtual equalizer by Ignite Amps. Coming from a company known for top of the line virtual guitar preamps, we weren’t too surprised by the exceptional quality of this particular effect. What’s still surprising for us, though, is the fact that these guys keep releasing such well-made plugins completely free of charge. There’s no catch – Ignite Amps plugins are completely free to download and use. You won’t be asked to register for a user account, subscribe for a mailing list, or anything like that. This stuff is 100% freeware (although an optional donation would be a very nice way to say “thank you” to Ignite Amps).

OK, but what is this PTEq-X thingy and what’s so great about it? Well, the coolest thing about this plugin is that it combines three passive equalizer models into one, delivering that classic Pultec style sound with additional modules for extra control and added usability (for more info about Pultec EQs, make sure to check out The Pultec Mystique article by David Baer that appeared in a previous issue of SoundBytes). You get one mid-range EQ, a classic Pultec EQ and a pair of filters for controlling the extreme low and high end of the processed signal. To make things even better, the Pultec equalizer (the one in the middle of the interface) comes with an emulated tube circuit with four selectable tube types.

The sound is quite alright, but where PTEq-X actually shines is the usability. The plugin provides all the advantages of passive equalizers, but packed in a nice and compact user interface with all of the control parameters required for shaping your mix, or even for putting some less complicated mastering projects under complete control. The mid-range EQ is excellent, the two filters sound great and the emulated tube circuit provides just the right amount of color and character.

With so much audio processing going on under the hood, the CPU usage could easily have gone through the roof, but the Ignite Amps team has somehow managed to keep it below 3% even when 2X oversampling is turned on. This is a very important feature to have in an equalizer, since it is one of the most used effects in a mix. With such low CPU usage, it shouldn’t be a problem to run many instances of PTEq-X throughout the mix.

So there you go, a great sounding and completely free to use Pultec style equalizer to kick off our Freebie of the Month series. What’s coming next? Stick around for our upcoming issue to find out!

Formats: Win VST 32 bit, Win VST 64 bit, Mac AU Universal, Mac VST Universal

Download available here:


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