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Gino Legaspi looks at three sample libraries from Bluezone and Zero-G in an ongoing series of such reviews.

by Ginno Legaspi, July 2013


Zero-G – Vocal LiX


Veteran soundware specialists Zero-G is back with another tasty treat for producers called Vocal LiX. As the name suggests, this library aims to cover the dance genre with its ‘hooky’ style nature. Inside this 750 MB, 24-bit library you’ll find plenty of inspiring licks, phrases of both male and female, vocal FX, vocal glitches, vocal loops, one shots, dubplate vocals and vocal song starter kits – all offered in WAV, Apple Loops, ESX24, Halion, Kontakt, MachFive, NN-XT and Rex2 audio formats. Sifting through different folders, sometimes the choices can be staggering with over 1000 loops available. Believe me, it can be overwhelming to choose the right samples to fit in your song. But Zero-G has made it easy for producers to browse through the samples with content organization and informative labeling of folders. Not only that, the Acid WAV files provides flexibility in whatever key and tempo you are working on.

As I was auditioning the samples using Acid music software, I noticed that the pristine samples were recorded very well. The samples have great clarity with lots of detail in the upper end. My favourites are the vocoded, stuttered, time-stretched and/or echoed loops in the “Vocal FX” folder. The cutup “Glitched Vocals” folder has plenty of vocal snippets that will delight the experimentalist crowd out there. Overall, this is a nice collection of fine and fresh vocal samples.



– Acid Wav, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX compatible Rex2 files, plus sampler instruments for EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and Motu´s Mach 5.



Bluezone Corporation – Drum & Bass DJ Tools


Bluezone Corporation, the soundware company that brought us the Austral Drum and Bass library, has an interesting offering called D&B DJ Tools. This pack includes 146 MB of drum loops in WAV, AIFF and Rex2 formats, that were smartly crafted to cater the Dn’B, Dubstep, Breaks, etc. crowd. Given the amount of the available loops, the idea behind this micro pack is to provide a select set of useful drum loops to DJs and producers. We are talking quality versus quantity here – which I appreciate. But you could always mix and match the 97 loops to build new and unique drum patterns.

Soundwise, the loops have a strong, in-your-face quality. They are very punchy and recorded quite well – especially the ‘twacky’ snares. Although this sample pack is genre-specific, it offers a healthy selection of nicely stuttered loops. Give this a try … you’ll like it.






Zero-G – Lounge & Chill


Having reviewed the excellent Satin Grooves and Brazil Chillout titles from Zero-G in the past, I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to like this sample library. It just has the right feel and vibe of a very polished down-tempo library. Lounge & Chill features beautiful guitar riffs, grooves, bass lines, dreamy electric pianos, sexy percussion and synths – all recorded in a pristine 24-bit sample rate. Tempos range from 70 BPM to 117 BPM, and root key info is part of the loop tag. This sample pack is mainly a construction type kit, but it also has an added bonus of 3 folders of Drum Perc and Top Loops, Electric Pianos Loops and Guitar Loops.  The emphasis seems to be more on the chill side of things, but it covers a wide variety of genre especially if you’re into the softer, sexier side of electronica.

The 600-plus samples cover a wide range of styles; from smooth jazz to bossa nova to acoustic lounge to modern chill. I really like the 32 construction kits’ sensuous nature because they provide an excellent foundation for making mellow, laid back and slow tracks. Each stem inside the kits is ready to go into any production.  Sonically, the samples/loops are very solid and full of warmth with enough punch to cut through a mix. Overall, I like this library because of the massive content included (1.7 GB). The samples are inspiring and inspire new ideas when composing, plus I think the pack oozes with sensual appeal.



– ACID WAV/REX2/AIFF Apple Loops, Reason NN-XT and Halion



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