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Reviews – Virtual Instruments

So many synths, so little time … and only so much money. With so many developers producing so many fine instruments, how is a mortal musician to keep up with all that’s on offer? Easy, follow the development here.

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Reviews – Virtual Effects

We live in a marvelous age in which a computer and a few hundred dollars or Euros if effects plug-ins gives us the capabilities only found in a million-dollar recording studio only three decades ago. Explore the possibilities here.

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Reviews – Sound Libraries

Sample playback technology is so advanced today that we can credibly duplicate the sound of an entire symphony orchestra or produce unimaginable fantasy audio sculptures or anything in between. Begin you journey into this realm of marvels here.

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Reviews – Hardware

From controllers to keyboards to sound cards: our team of reviewers tested and analyzed diverse pieces of hardware tools to see if they could be of any use in your music production. Find out what they discovered.

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Reviews – Books

We must admit that sometimes a magazine cannot get the job done. When a subject is deep or weighty, it takes a book to fully explore and explain. At least allow this magazine to serve as a gateway into that deeper world.

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Reviews – DAW and Sound Editors

In the world of music production, a DAW is like the mother ship, clearly the most important vessel in the fleet. But there’s no such thing as the best DAW, only the best DAW for a particular producer. Hopefully we can help you in picking the best one for your purposes.

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Reviews – Miscellaneous

There’s this really cool thing, see? We want to write about it. It’s not a DAW, a plug-in, a soft-synth, a sound library, a piece of hardware or a book. I guess we’ll just stick it here.

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