SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro – Short tutorial

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A free version of one of the best equalizer on the market. Full version  comes with plenty unique options, great sound and even greater price.

Alex Arsov, Jan. 2017


DDMf IIEQ Pro has been my secret weapon for many years. It’s very light on CPU.  It offers 24 bands in the full version and 27 filter types, seven of them being “Butterworth” filter types with variable slopes from 6 to 60 dB/oct. The full version also offers one very special option that I use daily in all my mixes: multitrack editing in one user interface.

SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro comes with a few limitations. Missing is the option of two-channel mode operation (Left/Right or Mid/Side) and it has 6 bands rather than 24.  But don’t underestimate our plug-in. It still has a generous selection of 27 filter types, and the “Butterworth” filters offer variable slopes just as they do in full version.  Additionally, there’s a high-precision frequency analyzer to help you tame your mixes.

Click anywhere in empty space inside the frequency window, add a band and with a right click, choose a filter type, and off you go. If you choose one of the Butterworth filter types, just click on the slope window in the bottom row and chose one of the ten slope types. Ord. 1 is for 6 dB per octave, while Ord. 10 is for 60 dB per octave.



For unlocking the full potential of DDMf IIEQ Pro, buy the full version. Add yourself onto our mailing list and you will get a code with an additional 10% discount on the full price, already modestly priced at € 34 EUR.

DDMF IIEQ Pro – multitrack editing in one user interface.

This might turn out to be the best spent money you’ll spend this year.



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