“Under Deconstruction”

Anatomy of a Patch: Snare Drum in Massive

The process of making synthesized drum samples from scratch is simple but often overlooked.  We continue our exploration with a snare sound.

Read More by Vincenzo Bellanova (01-2018)

Music Today - Artist v. Industry: May Fall’s Chronicles from Both Perspectives

The music industry has changed in the last few decades and many artists are unaware that path to success is still the same: time, money and effort. No pain - no gain.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (11-2017)

Anatomy of a Patch: Kick Drum in Sylenth1

The process of making synthsized drum samples from scratch is simple but often overlooked.  We start an exploration of how to do it here.

Read More by Vincenzo Bellanova (11-2017)

Home Studio Producer – Tips and Tricks Potpourri

A collection of tips and tricks to make your life as a bedroom producer easier, your work more productive, and your production pursuits just a bit more fun.

Read More by Luka Sraka (09-2017)

MeldaProduction Redefines Multiband

MeldaProduction seems to be ceaselessly pushing back boundaries in computer audio manipulation – here’s yet another frontier being opened up.

Read More by David Baer (09-2017)

Home Studio Practioner – Metering 101

A while ago a new term appeared: Loudness Units. The new standard of measuring audio levels in LUFS meant that we had to adopt and change our measuring tools. Here’s how.

Read More by Luka Sraka (07-2017)

Home Studio Practitioner – Choosing an Audio Interface

In this month’s Home Studio Practitioner we take a look at a few things one should consider when choosing the right audio interface for one’s needs.

Read More by Luka Sraka (03-2017)

Patch Design for Diva

Diva is already a near legendary software synth. Here we show you a couple of ways to make patches for it. See just how easy it is to get started.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (03-2017)

Home Studio Practitioner - Recording a Band Live on a Budget

Limited recording budget? Let necessity be the mother of invention in achieving a professional-quality tracking result.

Read More by Luka Sraka (01-2017)

SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro - Short tutorial

A free version of one of the best equalizer on the market. Full version comes with plenty unique options, great sound and even greater price.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (01-2017)

Home Studio Practioner

Recording electric guitar with an amp can be a struggle without proper microphones and a decent sounding room, but there is a great workaround for this issue using impulse responses.

Read More by Luka Sraka (11-2016)

Review – Crafter’s Pack from Blue Cat Audio – Part 2

Blue Cat’s Plug’n’Script can jump start your capabilities to write plug-in software without first undertaking an intensive apprenticeship in plug-in development. Let the fun begin!

Read More by David Baer (09-2016)

Home Studio Practitioner

Microphone polar patterns are something that is mostly overlooked by a modern home studio practitioner, so we offer tips for using the polar patterns of your microphones to your advantage.

Read More by Luka Sraka (09-2016)

Review – Syntorial from Audible Genius

Do you want to learn synthesizer sound design in the most direct and accessible way possible? Look no further than the marvelous Syntorial teaching software.

Read More by David Baer (07-2016)

Home Studio Practitioner

External or multiple hard drives are a must in modern studios, big or small. Although they are mostly used for backup, they can serve more than that need.

Read More by Luka Sraka (07-2016)

Home Studio Practitioner

Time proper planning and small investments in acoustic absorption materials can pay big dividends in the effectiveness of your home studio space.

Read More by Luka Sraka (05-2016)

Microtonality in Falcon

UVI’s new synth/sampler has very sophisticated microtonal implementation – which enables ANY sounds that you load into it to have ANY imaginable tuning, and easily too.

Read More by Warren Burt (03-2016)

Virtual Orchestra Composition and Production by Guest Author Jerry Gerber

Jerry Gerber is a composer of modern classical compositions, but his orchestra lives on computers in his studio. Jerry shares some of his secrets of fulfilling computer-based composition in this illuminating tutorial.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (01-2016)

PD – Pure Data – A Public Domain Patching Environment for Music and Video

PD is a useful and very versatile visual (and free) programming language for sound and video in which you can build your own composing systems from the ground up.

Read More by Warren Burt (01-2016)

Sibelius Scoring for Rookies with Special Guest Wang Jie

An accomplished composer provides us with this valuable beginner’s guide to Sibelius-style self-publishing in classical music (or any genre that needs a score to be produced).

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (05-2015)

Pro mastering for beginners, with IK Multimedia T-RackS

 Should you master at your home? Of course, if you learn how to mix, arrange, design and advertise your music, it is a time to master another skill: mastering with T-RacksS. by A. Arsov, May 2015When I heard

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (05-2015)

Review - Renaxxance by Indiginus

Renaxxance is a low-cost, easy-to-use nylon-string guitar (and more) library for Kontakt 4+ that is instant gratification in a box.

Read More by David Townsend (05-2015)

The Pultec Mystique

Pultec EQs are highly-prized (read “expensive”) pieces of gear. Software emulations are well- regarded as well. What’s their secret to their allure? Let’s find out.

Read More by David Baer (03-2015)

Stereo Width Management (on the Cheap)

Home producers working with stereo samples may have good reason to reign in the stereo-ness of their sounds. Here’s an easy, and free, way to accomplish this.

Read More by David Baer (01-2015)

Picking the Right Synth for Rookies with Special Guest Joe Hanley from Audible Genius

With the bewildering number and variety of synthesizers available today, it can be a daunting task for the newbie to know where to start. Here are some tips.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (11-2014)

Basics: Setting Up a Song Template in Synapse Audio Orion 8.5

Users of Synapse Audio’s Orion software have an opportunity to make their work far more efficient. This article shows how this can be accomplished.

Read More by Ginno Legaspi (11-2014)

Chromaphone – How the Magic Happens

Chromaphone is AAS’s most recent masterpiece that produces a vast variety of sound. We examine how this is accomplished in this close-up look.

Read More by David Baer (11-2014)

On Learning Kontakt

Kontakt is an extraordinarily deep instrument and has a commensurately intimidating learning curve. Find out how to master it and become an ace.

Read More by David Baer (11-2014)

Sample Library Technology for Rookies with Special Guest Tracy Collins from Indiginus

Good sample libraries make realistic playback look easy, but there's a whole lot of sophisticated planning and technique under the hood that makes it all possible. Learn about it in this revealing close-up look.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (09-2014)

Spectral Dynamics - Dynamic Equalization, Part Three

In part Three of a three-part series on dynamic equalization we delve deeply into “spectral dynamics processing” with Meldaproduction’s unique and versatile MSpectralDynamics plugin.

Read More by David Townsend (09-2014)

Tutorial – Calibrating Your Subtractive Synth

If you have a synth that just has knob markers for filter cutoff, etc. and you’d like to know what those values correspond to, here’s how to discover what’s going on under the hood.

Read More by David Baer (09-2014)

Virtual Drumming for Rookies with Special Guest Ralph Zeuner from Rayzoon Technologies

Here are a few tips and tricks from the master of virtual drumming on how to program your virtual drum track to sound like a real one.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (07-2014)

Dynamic Equalizers, Part Two: Spectrum Matching with MAutoDynamicEQ

In the previous installment, we dove deep into Meldaproduction's MDynamicEQ dynamic equalizer. This time, we’ll tackle the subject of spectrum matching using MDynamicEQ’s big brother, MAutoDynamicEQ.

Read More by David Townsend (07-2014)

Tutorial - Audio Depth Perception in Your Mixes

There are two techniques, which can be used separately or together, useful in adding a sense of stage depth to your mixes using reverb. We take a close look at them here.

Read More by David Baer (07-2014)

MeldaProduction Dynamic Equalizers: MDynamicEQ

Dynamic EQs are a relatively new type of effect about which, not surprisingly, not much is understood. This tutorial will explain it all in every detail.

Read More by David Townsend (05-2014)

MIDI Performance 101 – Getting a Realistic Performance from Your MIDI Instruments

Getting started with MIDI sequencing? Get off on the right foot with this comprehensive overview of techniques by a master of the craft.

Read More by Mike Lizotte (05-2014)

Effective Effect Filtering

Do you think plug-in filters are good for adding trance-gate pulsation and little else? Check this article out to learn just how much more can be done with these versatile devices.

Read More by David Baer (03-2014)

Granular Synthesis for Rookies (Special Guest Writer Simon Stockhausen)

Simon Stockhausen is a formidable sound designer. He generously shares his expertise in the field of granular synthesis in the in-depth tutorial (with videos!).

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (03-2014)

Pimp Your Plugin

Do you feel envious of those with access to full-featured, high-end plug-ins? Here are a few tips on how you can bring high-end functionality to your inexpensive low-end units with little expense.

Read More by David Baer (01-2014)

Virtual Amps for Rookies (Special Guest Mike Scuffham from Scuffham Amps)

Mike Scuffham was at one time the product designer for guitar legends Marshall Amps. This expert tells us what a virtual amp is and how it is created in software.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (01-2014)

Was There Any Musical Life Before Video? (How To Make a Music Video.)

If you don't do anything regarding presentation – exposing your song to wider audiences - nobody will. If you don't have a video, then you don't exist - at least not in the music world.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (11-2013)

Equalization for Rookies (special guest Christian Siedschlag, DDMF)

Christian Siedschlag, the man behind the DDMF, knows a thing or two about equalization since he created a respected EQ plug-in. He shares some of his expertise with us here.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (11-2013)

Mono to Stereo – and (Safely) Back Again

Sooner or later, it’s likely that you’ll be confronted with the problem of making a mono track more interesting by adding some width. Here's how to do it the prudent way.

Read More by David Baer (11-2013)

Drum Programming 101

Creating drum patterns from scratch can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. This primer in the subject introduces the basics to novices wishing to give it a try.

Read More by Rob Mitchell (09-2013)

Power Tools for Studio One 2 and Studio One for Engineers & Producers from Hal Leonard Publishing House.

Publishing house Hal Leonard brings us two new books for Studio One users. Our reviewer initially wasn't expecting very much. He now stands corrected.

Read More by Aleksander Arsov (09-2013)

... and the Beat Goes On

Understanding how MIDI time is kept by your DAW and how plug-ins sync to track tempo may not make you a better musician, but it might make you a smarter one.

Read More by David Baer (09-2013)

Sampling for Rookies ( special guest - Eduardo Tarilonte )

Eduardo Tarilonte is a well known sample library developer, and some might argue he is absolutely one of the best. He shares the secrets of what lies behind his specialty.

Read More by SoundBytes Magazine (07-2013)

Of Digital Bits and deciBels

In this tutorial we to look at two important mixing factors: computer sound internal formats and sound levels and explore how they’re related.

Read More by David Baer (07-2013)

Tempo - The Last DAW Frontier?

Expressive sequenced music is not easily accomplished. Read this to find out how to achieve the fluid timing that’s a key part of the solution.

Read More by David Baer (05-2013)

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