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Gino Legaspi looks at Exoplanet and Deadspace from Bluezone in an ongoing series of such reviews.

by Ginno Legaspi, Sept. 2013


Bluezone Corporation – Exoplanet



This Bluezone Corporation offering is part of their ever-growing catalog of atmospheric and cinematic releases, and continues with a wide range of inspiring alien and sound-effect samples. The innovative sound designers at Bluezone used source materials such as clean nature sounds, forest ambiences and alien voices fused with analog pad, organic textures and dark soundscapes resulting in this 846MB (download size) unique library. Exoplanet includes 124 files of WAV samples in high quality 44.1kHz/24-bit format. These are ready-to-play samples if you want to loop them in any DAW or you can load them in soft samplers such as Reason’s NN-XT or Native Instruments’ Kontakt for further tweaking and processing. You’ll find lots fantastic atmospheric sounds for beds, beastly gurgles and growls, layered synth tones and FXs that are well thought out, programmed and executed. What’s impressive is that the loops are very organic sounding, yet at the same time futuristic. After auditioning its content, I would say Bluezone did a tremendous job in creating Exoplanet – its materials are very versatile, flexible and fits perfectly to the TV/film/soundtrack genre. I just hope that Bluezone would consider Exoplanet 2 as a future release.








Bluezone Corporation – Deadspace: Sci-fi Ambiences, Drones & Soundscapes

Focusing on futuristic, dark soundscape elements, Deadspace: Sci-fi Ambiences, Drones & Soundscapes delivers a selection of twisted FXs, deep soundscapes, transitional pads and textures and out-of-this-world drones to help you craft your own ambient compositions. The content has plenty of good, original samples.  It is so highly versatile that it covers all ground – whether it’s dark ambient, drones, drum and bass or game music. Weighing in at 1.3 GB, this library includes more than 90 files in high-quality 24-bit. The samples are offered in different audio formats such as WAV and AIFF. The things that stand out in this pack are the desolate drone samples. They are programmed and seasoned with just the right amount of wash and ambience (i.e. big, spacey reverbs) without sounding ‘too distant’. The FXs are also superb with a lot of punch and are suitable for modern electronic music – especially industrial and dark wave. This is a fine mini-collection of sci-fi sounds, so I highly recommended it. At £14.95, this is hard to beat and won’t break your bank.







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