Wrenchenspiel by 8Dio – When You Need a Monkey Wrench

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We all know it’s a bad idea to throw a wrench into the works … but maybe you might want to think about occasionally throwing a few into your mix.

by Robert Halvarsson, May 2013

8Dio have, during the time they have been part of the audio business, grown quite a reputation. Deep sampled instruments ranging from violins to the bazantar, a unique contra-bass, no matter what they do, it seems like it turns out for the better. So when they released a sampled set of wrenches, packed with tuned percussive quality – this reviewer got quite exited.

Wrenchenspiel was created by Troels Folmann, a very seasoned sample-library creator and one of the main folks behind 8Dio. The wrenches themselves were modified to generate a perfect tune; these pieces of metal were then played with different attires, mallets and other tools, to capture everything from the soft to the outright strange, the odd to the melodic.

Listening to their earlier repertoire I wasn’t surprised to hear the quality of the instrument. For the creative musician searching for inspiring sounds, this instrument can be an inspiring addition – the more odd qualities themselves being inspiring in stale and lifeless productions.

These instruments are shipped in one Kontakt .nki file, in which you can navigate between different articulations in the Kontakt-player itself. This is a good choice, as it makes it easier to try out different variations to see what fits your specific context. Loading different instrument files can be quite tedious, after all. When you’ve chosen the preset, you can also add effects and convolution reverbs, which are built into the instrument. This is nice, and the effects cover everything from lo-fi to different distortions!

Another very nice addition to this instrument, aside from the many varieties of playing styles of wrenches, is the sequencer. You here have an arpgeggiator/sequencer in which you have access to velocity levels. Playing with these levels can be fun and quite addictive. Add a few notes and listen to it play it as an arpeggio, in different styles as you change the settings, adding swing and speed.

The Wrenchenspiel, like many other third party libraries, does need the full Kontakt player from Native Instruments though. But if you have it, you can keep in mind that this only uses up one gigabyte of that precious hard-drive space. And that’s quite good, judging by the versatility of this instrument.

8Dio   Website: http://8dio.com


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